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Rockets Announce 2013-2014 Annual Award Winners

May 17, 2014

The Okanagan Rockets announced their 2013-2014 annual award winners on Friday afternoon.  Not surprising, Tyson Jost led the way capturing 3 of the club's 6 annual awards.

Here is a complete breakdown of the awards:

Jost broke several league and club records during the 13-14 season to help him earn the MVP Award.  Jost led the Rockets in scoring with 44 goals and 44 assists in just 36 games played.  In the playoffs, Jost continued his torrid pace as he notched 9 goals and 9 assists in just 7 games leading the Rockets to their 2nd BCMML Championship.

2013-2014 Tyson Jost 

2012-2013 Alex Gran 

2011-2012 Parker Bowles 

2010-2011 Josh Ellis 

2009-2010 Max Mowat 

2008-2009 Max French 

2007-2008 Ryan Aynsley 


Bryshun was named the club's top defenceman after posting 1 goal and 12 assists in 34 games for the Rockets.  Bryshun's true value simply can't be measured with offensive production.  In his 3rd season with the Rockets, Bryshun teamed with Josh Johnston to form the club's top shut down pairing.  The duo logged long minutes against the oppositions best players.  Simply put, if the game was on the line, Bryshun was on the ice. Bryshun will finish 3rd on the Rockets all-time games played list with 101 over 3 seasons.

2013-2014 Gen Bryshun 

2012-2013 Alex Gran 

2011-2012 Alex Gran 

2010-2011 David London 

2009-2010 Max Mowat 

2008-2009 Tyler Parfeniuk 

2007-2008 Liam Gorges 


Despite playing just one season with the Okanagan Rockets, Hora's impact was immediate.  The 17 year old forward registered 18 goals and finished with 27 points in 34 games.  The points were accumulated with a largely defensive role on the club.  The Coach's Award goes to the player that best embodies the traits that make a club successful. Rockets head coach Mack O'Rourke on Hora's selection. "Linden Hora exemplifies what a coach looks for in a player.  Linden was a great two-way player for the Rockets scoring 18 goals, while being relied upon to help protect leads and kill penalties.  Linden was a player who played a physical game and was noticed by scouts wherever we played.  This was a tough choice as we had a lot of players who fit the bill for this, but in the end Linden was most deserving."

2013-2014 Linden Hora 

2012-2013 Spencer Hewson 

2011-2012 Harlan Orr 

2010-2011 Jedd Soleway 

2009-2010 Colton Sparrow/Jordan Salahor 

2008-2009 Landon Andrusiak 

2007-2008 Cody Sylvester 


The Unsung Hero Award deservedly goes to defenceman Josh Johnston for his efforts during the 2013-2014 season.  The 17 year old paired with Gen Bryshun to form the Rockets top defensive pairing.  Johnston played a key role against the other teams key players.  Josh wasn't the Rockets most vocal leader during his 2 year stint with the Rockets, but very seldom was he seen without a smile on his face, even after blocking yet another shot.  Josh Johnston will go down as one of the most selfless players in Rockets history.

2013-2014 Josh Johnston 

2012-2013 Brett Mennear 

2011-2012 Josh Ellis 

2010-2011 Mitchell Cook 

2009-2010 Kyle Clerke 

2008-2009 Doug Chadwick

2007-2008 Keith Hamilton  


Tyson Jost set an Okanagan Rockets record for scoring by a 15 year old during the 13-14 season.  Jost didn't so much break the previous record, he smashed it.  Jost's 88 points were 33 points higher than the previous record of 53 set current Oklahoma Oil Barons forward Curtis Hamilton.

2013-2014 Tyson Jost 

2012-2013 Joe Gatenby 

2011-2012 Brett  Mennear 

2010-2011 Jordan Burns/Alex Gillies 

2009-2010 Brent Lashuk 

2008-2009 Max Mowat/Brett Mulcahy 

2007-2008 Ryan Harrison 


During the 2013-2014 season, Jost set a BCMML record for the most goals in a season with 44.  Jost also set an Okanagan Rockets club record for points in a season with 88.  Jost's record was 17 points clear of the previous record held by current Tri City Americans star Parker Bowles. 

2013-2014 Tyson Jost

2012-2013 Branden Wagner 

2011-2012 Parker Bowles 

2010-2011 Alex Gillies 

2009-2010 Brett Mulcahy 

2008-2009 Keenan Bailey 

2007-2008 Ryan Aynsley 




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